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between the mountains

way up north

A lover of images and all its media. Film, television and art. Incurable poster of images and video snippets.

At the present I'm mostly concerned with film, trying to keep a running tally of the films I watch. Though it is hard to pick favourite, anything directed by Yasujiro Ozu or anything including Toshiro Mifune, Cary Grant and Tatsuya Nakadai tend to make me fan girly. I'm also a sucker for a good (note; good) WWII flick, and I'll possibly always love Band of Brothers. Anything directed by Fritz Lang is usually adored. (and if the latter stars Gloria Grahame and Glenn Ford I will dub it "The Big Heat" and love it forever.)

I tend to rewatch Deadwood. A lot. I love The Wire, but my heart belongs to Deadwood.

Sometimes I get the desire to sing "Roooobin, the Hoooded Man" really loud, and if Maid Marian isn't compared to a May Morning it's no go. I blame this largely on lage_nom_ai

I tend to get a bit cranky when left without music, particularly music of a folkish variety. Will exhibit geeky love for old Scandinavian ballads about werewolves and the supernatural, though anything involving fiddles is also good.

My fannish tendencies started with Star Wars and blossomed with Babylon 5. I could write about the wonderfulness of G'Kar, but if you've seen the series you know what I'm talking about. Lately my fannish vibe has mellowed a bit, though I do cling on to a few things - not just Star Wars and B5, but also George RR Martin's A song of ice and fire. (and yes, I watch the show, but I have issue with it. Serious issues. And no, it's not just the pointless nudity, but the bad plotting and lack of character coherence.)


This journal is primarily locked, which is not to say I'm not open to new friends. Just drop a line and tell me how you found me, and I'm sure we'll get along.


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